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Terre Contese

The Ones of the vines on the contrary!

Some says we planted on the contrary,
Some says we did something new,
Some says we took the right way to find our identity

We say : taste the wines and tell us what You feel!
What we do is what we believe and our wines are the best prove to show it .

Taste us if you're a brave!

Disputed Lands to live in a dream with great passion!
Follow me and look our wines

The vineyards and the estate are located on hilly soil, close to the Apennines, in the town of Terra del Sole (“Land of the Sun”), in one of the most well known, important and ancient areas of central Italy, the so called “Romagna Fiorentina”. This land spreads over a large area of the Forlì-Cesena Province and extends towards South West along the Montone river and its valley.

high quality wine

The rich composition of the soil, together with diverse microclimates, allow the production of high quality wines with specific characteristics. At the moment, Terre Contese Winery has at its disposition a total area of 13 ha, 4 of them dedicated to the vineyards.


Or, look at where we are.


Terre Contese
Via Goffredo Mameli, 6 Terra del Sole, Forlì, Italy 47010

Place, history and philosophy

These lands were always a way through and transit, a place strongly contended for their strategic importance. In fact, in 1564, “Cosimo of Medici the First”, Grand Duke of Tuscany, son of the soldier of fortune “Giovanni dalle Bande Nere”, decided to found a brand new fortress-town, called precisely “Terra del Sole”, a military outpost at the furthermost limit between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Pontifical State, with duties of customs and control over the lands. The particular history of Terra del Sole, also called the “ideal city”, prototype of a Renaissance ideal of a “man-sized city”, inspired another project, likewise new. Creating a modern and young reality fully respectful of the environment and opposed to the prevalent attitude to the local wine making.

Terre Contese Winery is made up of people who love saying about themselves, always confronting with the fascinating and mysterious universe of the human soul. Wine is an ideal excuse, the spark that sets off a wide range of emotions and encourages the sharing with others of experiences and common values.

We entrust Dogana21 (Forli I.G.T. Rosso) and terrecontese (Sangiovese di Romagna D.O.C. Superiore) with this important task.

Our company was established in 2005, in italy. We export 22% of bottles to local European markets. We produce 30.000 bottles a year.


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